Cece Stevens


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Local space charts are used to show where the planets effects are felt in your residence or area you are at currently.  With the blank chart, you can add your planets, and locate the lines in your home or city or State for that fact.   The chart can be expanded over the map. 


To locate the planets and place accordingly, first you need to draw a chart. and on the chart look for the "AZI" or azimuth. Here the degrees of sign or converted to 360 degrees. So 3 degrees Gemini is really 63 degrees.

    Each of your planets and astroids are listed on a chart analysis report. SOLAR FIRE has this option under Reports. "0" degrees is due NORTH and such placed when doing the  location or a home or city. 

    Follow the lines of each planet out. Natal position is strongest and opposite position is next. Area that on on the line are the strongest felt.

 Place each of these on the chart. When finished place the chart on the center point of anything your doing. See below for further ideas.



Looking for Success? Then go to the Sun line.

Looking to publish or write? then find your Mercury line.

Looking to buy a home? Look to the Moon line in the city chosen to find the ideal location for you.


If you want to know when to expect changes, follow the transits to your lines. These will bring unlooked for opportunities.


Did you recently buy a home? Do a chart based on when you signed, and this will give you a Feng Shui chart of your home and good and bad area.

Is Mars running past your fireplace? better make a remedy to be safe.

Is Neptune by the sink or water heater? Better make a remedy for this or you might have leaks.


Planning a trip, pull out the local space chart and apply to the Country your going to, and see where the best choices are.