By Cece Stevens

Here I have supplied the tools, now you must supply your own meaning as to what each card represents to you. Notice the Elements are at play here. EARTH AIR WATER FIRE.  I looked and found many of my favorite pieces of art or photos and created a deck to read from. Each card holds many different feelings and meaning. Similar to the Medicine cards, only the COSMIC CONNECTIONS is just that, very COSMIC.

I thought of putting a meaning to each card, but then when I looked at them, came to understand that each cards many different meaning to each person, and also the cards seem to change with each reading., Then I understood, the meaning is what it is at the time. What you see in it.

Grab a card and meditate on it and see what it has to say to you.


EARTH: Grounding, hard work, Money 

AIR:  Lightness, Communication, Letters

WATER: Emotions, Nurture, Love

FIRE:  Desire Ambition, Sexual play

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