2013 Astro-Card lunar planner is here!!



2013 Astro-Card lunar planner is here!!


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Astro Cards Book List and Contact Information


* Prices subject to change. Contact Iain and he will be happy to send you his latest Book and Pricing List. Prices here reflect the rates as quoted at time of publication of this article. Some publishers offer special rates and discounts for multiple copy orders. Most pricing below includes standard mailing costs. Please be sure to ask.

To contact Astro-Cards (Iain McLaren-Owens) by snail mail, phone or fax:

Astro-Cards Enterprises
P.O. Box 12481
Scottsdale, AZ 85267

Telephone: (480) 421-0142
Fax (480) 421-0143

Astro-Cards System

New Product from Astro-Cards!
[PC: 1] Personal Year Planetary Rulers and Cards Calendar. $25
- Your Personal, Days and Weeks Symbols, and 28-Day Cycles of Interactivity and 52-Day Cycles of Periodicity for your current year. Includes copies of the relevant Age Spread, current year's Circular Progressed Chart, and personal week-day Rulers Table. Additionally, there are 10 pages of explanatory text, and two Keyword Tables, for the Numbers, Suits, Planets and Cycles on the inside covers, and a Day-Card Calendar, with Zodiac Sign dates included, on the back cover.
These can be done any time of the year. But please note, unless a specific personal year is requested, the Calendars always run from the nearest birthday at the time of receiving the order. Incredible potential as a Card Journal with its spaces for notes and a blank back-side of each calendar page.

[AC: 0] Readings Pamphlet $2.00
- Brief keyword sections on the Suits, Numbers, Planets, Zodiac and other Symbols used in the System. Includes the 52-day Cycles of Periodicity Table, Day Cards Calendar, Pure Spread, Life Spread and a list of source material of other published books about the System.

[AC: 1] Mini-Spreads Set $40.00 (5" x 7" x 1")
- All the charts and tables necessary to work the System; on durable laminated card stock, folded accordion style (Note: this lamination is a tedious job done completely by hand!)

[AC: 3] Cards & Letters/Trees & Tribes $4.00
-A study relating the symbolism encoded within our regular playing cards to the hidden meanings of the letters of the Ancient Celtic Alphabet. This study stems from the research of Robert Graves' "The White Goddess". This booklet relates the Cards to Celtic letters, the Song of Amergin, Sacred Tree, Ancient Calendar, the 13 Tribes of Israel and their metals and jewels.

[AC:4] The Calendar and Its Cycles ***DUE SOON***

[AC: 8] The "Key" Spread $ 4.00
- Study of the mathematical and numerical clues in the workings of the Pure (Spirit) Spread, links for relationship readings and other patterns. Addresses info regarding the Crown Line, Vertical and Diagonals lines, etc.

[AC: 9] Aspects $6.00
- Study of the internal code/patterns represented by the astrological aspects, in multiples of equal 30 degree divisions; irregular divisions of the circle. Includes a delineational reading for each card, related to the rulerships and aspect patterns that make this a must have for every Card System student and reader.

[AC: 12] Planetary Rulers $ 6.00
- Study of various rulers for emphasis in a Reading; ancient and modern; Decanate and Astrological (significator, detriment, exaltation and fall) Rulers

Student/Research Materials

[SS: 1] O.H. Richmond's Normal Spreads (Pt 1 and 2) $20.00
- 52 Spreads: positive/negative Spirit and Astral Values of numbers, text and tables for left and right directions, reverse analysis, tables of Co-ordinate Cards and Numerical Order sorts ***Out of Stock***

[SS: 3C] 52 Birth Charts (circular) $8.00

[SS: 3F] 52 Birth Charts (circular-full size) $8.00

[SS: 3L] 52 Birth Charts (linear) $8.00

[SS: 4] Pure, Life and Age Spreads $12.00
- recommended! the entire Set of Plates/Spreads printed on heavyweight stock.

[SS: 5C] 56 Progressed Charts (circular) $8.00

[SS: 5L] 56 Progressed Charts (linear) $8.00

[SS: 6C] 56 Solar Return Charts (circular) $8.00

[SS: 6L] 56 Solar Return Charts (linear) $8.00


[SS: 7] Magian Cardology Readings Spreads with Explanatory Text + Cycles Date Tables $15.00
- Focused more on the technological side of the Spreads and how to use them. Includes the Spreads in a format using the three Cards per Spread position style layout for the 90 Spreads (PS, LS and AS) - concept originated by Joe Jacobs, how to read the Spreads, Understanding the Universal Spread and special Nth root formula, hypothetical lay-outs for revising the Spreads, and the Calendar Cycles + Tables. pp. 185

**Next volume in series will cover the interpretational side of the symbols involved in the Magian Cards System. Soon to be available.**

[SS: XC] Set of 4 Books (circular- 3C,3F,5C,6C) $25.00

[SS: XL] Set of 3 Books (linear- 3L,5L,6L) $19.00


[SS: 8B] Magian Cardology Card Chart Tables $36.00
(incl. shipping by Media Mail - For Priority add $6.00)
- 450+ Pages in 3-ring Binder, with Section Dividers ISBN:1-885500-24-6

[SS: 8D] Magian Cardology Card Chart Tables - CD version, $13.00
(including 1st Class Mailing.)
- all that is in the Book form (SS:8B) + complete Spreads Set and Index to assist in retrieval. ISBN:1-885500-23-8

[SS: 8T] Age Cycle Cards $4.00
- 7 cards x 13 years VS 13 cards x 7 years for Ages 0-90

[SS: 9] Composite Cards $2.00
- how to calculate; easy to use Tables

[SS: 10] Planetary Squares $6.00
- study on the 52 squares of the Spreads; planetary energies and time-frame symbologies; interpretive section for Cards: general, Pure and Life positions. A MUST HAVE for psychic/magnetic Readings!

Astro-Cards Quarterly Newsletters

[AC-Q.SET] This completes the set of 14 issues [0-13] $22.00
All table inserts included and bound into a single book. An incredible array and scope of topics - a MUST HAVE.

Reprints Series

[AR: 1] Symbolism $30.00
- 1905 Milton A. Pottenger; Facsimile edition of a rare 1905 Masonic publication. This includes content covering the Symbolism hidden within our regular Playing Cards and the Major Arcana of the Tarot, as equated to Astrology and Numerology with their Esoteric Masonic interpretations. Great study companion for the Mystic Test Book by Olney H. Richmond.

[AR: 1C] Charts #1 and 2 (from Symbolism) $3.00
- for those who have purchased this book from another publisher

[AR: 3] Nuggets from King Solomon's Mines $9.00
- 1908 John Barnes Schmalz. Facsimile edition of a rare 1908 Metaphysical publication on the Pyramid Symbology (Great Pyramid of Giza) hidden within our regular Playing Cards.

[AR: 5] Square of Sevens $13.00
- c. 1740/1897 Robert Antrobus; 18th century Gypsy system and is not directly compatible with our Card System, but is definitely a fascinating read and great food for thought. This is an enlarged facsimile edition of the 1896 2nd edition of the 1735 original, perhaps the rarest Gypsy Card Reading book ever published. Lengthy prefatory notice by E. Irenaeus Stevenson. Book includes interpretations for the Suits, Cards, instructions on how to set up the Parallelogram, as given to the author by a genuine Gypsy in 1731.

[AR: 6] Astrology and the Cards $9.00
- c. 1931 E.H. Bailey. Re-typeset edition of a rare 1931 publication on Astrological Cartomancy showing the Astrological and scientific basis of our regular Playing Cards. One of the first to equate the cards with astrological charts. Includes interpretations for the Suits, Cards, instructions on how to set up the Card Horoscope with additional directions. This has a unique Progressed Charts formula and is not directly compatible with our Card System but is great food for thought.

[AR: 7] Mystic Thesaurus/Occultism Simplified $9.00
- 1899 Willis F. Whitehead. Facsimile extract from a rare 1890's work from the studies of the Order of the Magi. It includes sections on the Cross of Henry Cornelius Agrippa, A Mystic interpretation of Zodiacal Symbology, Arch of Stars and its symbolism, history and purpose of Playing and Tarot Cards, Cabalas of the Hebrew, Greek and English Alphabets, the Sacred Number 142857, Astral Power Numbers (includes the Planets) and some of their uses. Great companion book for the study with the Mystic Test Book by Olney H. Richmond.

[AR: 9] Temple Lectures (Pt 1 and 2) $26.00
- 1892-1896, Olney H. Richmond; various lectures and articles

[AR: 10] Articles on the Order of the Magi (2nd ed) $25.00
- Result of extensive research on the history of the group and the people involved; explanatory notes throughout. Now includes The Magea Book.

[AR: 10A] The Magea Book $5.00
- 1893, Olney H. Richmond. This never before known publication is the ritual book designed for the Officers of the various Temples for the 1st 3 Degrees of Temple Membership. Most is in "code" but this includes a helpful introduction to assist you in deciphering this work. 1-885500-25-4.

[AR: 11] Mystic Test Book (6th ed) $40.00
- 1919 Olney H. Richmond; re-typeset and fully annotated- appendices, index and cross-reference guide; enlarged diagrams/charts. 114+ pages of end-notes! all tarots re-done with their Spirit values for ease of understanding/use

[AR: 12] Card Interpretations (from Mystic Test Book) $9.00
- Cross-referenced to original 3rd ed. page numbers; also includes section from pp. 76-179: Cards-in-Planets, Solar and Spirit Values, Astral Numbers and the 52 Normal Spreads. A MUST HAVE for psychic/magnetic Readings!


Initial Natal & Progressed Year Reading (90 min. tape) $85.00
Follow-up Progressed Year Readings (60 min. tape) $50.00

Note: The various versions of Birth, Progressed and Return Charts are to allow you to decide which format you prefer reading.

The LINEAR are eye-clean and straight-forward
The CIRCULAR place the Birth Card at the 9:00 position, with the 13th Card in the Center (Life Goal)















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